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Vtech evolved in 2008, the company offers you the complete web based solutions. It is situated in Karachi, Pakistan. Our web design company is comprised of all basic ingredients that are needed to plan, design, built and market a remarkable website. Vtech is peerless Web Design Company and Web Hosting Company pledge to provide unsurpassed web designing and web hosting being a leading entity.

Ensuring WordPress Security 2022

Ensuring WordPress Security is necessary for Website Development has always been an art and it remains same. Though introduction of open sources have managed to make it more simple and easy. WordPress is one of the open source that is used quite often by Web Developers. Most important factor is that its administrative panel is very much user friendly and posts are directly submitted to search engines. Like every other open source, WordPress also possess security issues which can be [...]

5 Best Google SEO Tips for 2022

5 Best Google SEO Tips for 2022 Marketing has always played an influential part in the success of any product or service. As we have discussed before the importance of marketing and in case you have missed that you can read our blog regarding importance of marketing. SEO has been the primary factor in marketing these days and has curtailed its position as well. When we talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we always tend to categorize it in two [...]

Microsoft Launching New Browser

Microsoft Launching New Browser Goodbye 2021 & Good Beginning of 2021 At last Microsoft Realizes it after nineteen years As 2021 is about to end in few hours, Microsoft finally realizes that its browser Internet Explorer is unable to compete with the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla. Therefore, keeping in mind the reviews regarding Internet Explorer; Microsoft is planning to launch a Microsoft Launching New Browser and the code name given to it is “Spartan”. Internet Explorer was first [...]

PHP Math Functions

Web Development in PHP: PHP is a server side scripting language use for website development mainly. Most web development companies prefer PHP for website development mainly because of its easy syntax and its compatibility to run with Linux based server. PHP is an object oriented programming language and like all other object oriented programming languages it also do possess methods, functions, procedure and classes. Below we will discuss about some major mathematical functions of PHP. Before discussing, we are pointing [...]

Search Engine Optimization – A Key to Marketing

Search Engine Optimization – A Key to Online Marketing in Google now a days when universe came into existence, different things also arises and plays integral part in every human’s life, it also includes marketing. Days back when people use to meet and greet each other was also one of the ways used for marketing. As the world progress and technology also progressed with it different ways of marketing has also arisen on world map. In today’s modern era where [...]

Google Algorithm Updates Responsive Web Design

Breaking: Google mobile friendly algorithm is Bigger Than Panda Or Penguin One of the members of Webmaster Trends team Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji, was quoted as saying at SMX Munich on March 17, 2015 that the upcoming Google mobile friendly algorithm will launch on 21st of April, 2015 and it will leave its marks and impact more on Google’s search results than the Google Panda update and the Google Penguin update ever did. Google did say that before even when they [...]

Best WordPress Plugins

WordPress is the most common tool used by web design companies these days for designing and development of dynamic responsive websites. Below we have mentioned best WordPress plugins, most plugins should be used by web design company for efficient website design & development. We have categorize them according to their usage as well, List of five best WordPress Plugins: WordPress SEO by Yoast All in one SEO W3 Total Cache WP Super Cache Autoptimize WordPress SEO Plugins: There are many WordPress Plugins [...]

Configuring Email Address in Microsoft Outlook 2010

Configuring Email Addresses Microsoft Outlook 2010 is a very useful software. Email addresses can be configured very easily. To configure it one must know its incoming and outgoing mail servers, Username & Password. Below complete details on how to configure email in Microsoft Outlook 2010 is shown with snapshots. 1) Open Microsoft Outlook 2010. Click file, and then click Add Account. 2) At the bottom, select Manually configure server settings or additional server types, and click Next. 3) Select Internet [...]

Configuring Email Address in Outlook Express

Configuring Email Address in Outlook Express is a very useful software. Configuring Email addresses can be configured very easily. To configure it one must know its incoming and outgoing mail servers, Username & Password. Below complete details on how to configure email in Outlook Express is shown with snapshots. 1. In Outlook Express, from the Tools menu, select Accounts… 2. A box will appear. Click Add and select Mail. 3. Enter your name as you want it to appear on [...]

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