Search Engine Optimization – A Key to Online Marketing in Google now a days when universe came into existence, different things also arises and plays integral part in every human’s life, it also includes marketing. Days back when people use to meet and greet each other was also one of the ways used for marketing. As the world progress and technology also progressed with it different ways of marketing has also arisen on world map. In today’s modern era where internet plays a pivotal role in everyone’s life different ways of marketing are also introduced.

Importance of Marketing

For any business clients is important, simply it can be termed as customer is directly proportional to successful business. To promote a business or to become a word of mouth in any field marketing is the most essential tool. Many smaller companies that are a brand now are using marketing to a good impact. Successful marketing leads to more customers, higher earning and better future.

Search Engine Optimization – The Best Marketing Tool

Search engine optimization is currently a new way to market yourself or your business over the virtual world of internet. It is commonly known as “SEO”. As all the information is provided over internet and people searching for a plumber, electrician to doctors and engineers, it arises on the world map as the most significant, quality, effective and result oriented tool to promote business.

Search Engines are used by many people around the world; they are designed and developed in such a way that users can get best possible results for their search queries. There are large numbers of websites currently available where user can search for his relevant queries some of them are listed below,

  • Google (It is currently ranked number one in the world, because of its accuracy in results).
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

Important Factors that Involved Search Engine Optimization

For successful online marketing, first need is to have a website which is SEO friendly so that it can easily crawl by search engines and can be listed in quality keywords. By SEO friendly website it meant that website should possess quality content with relevant page title, Meta keyword and Meta description.

It can be categorized into two categories which are listed below with their brief description,

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-Page Optimization is often termed as optimization methods used in a website. It involves page titles, Meta Keywords & Meta Description that is relevant to keywords. Alter Tags over images is also an integral part. Website should also be designed and developed on W3 standards.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Off-Page Optimization often described as quality links for a website. It has nothing to do with website. To gain quality links Article Submission and blog postings are essential. Also page rank of a website should be checked before submitting an article or blog, higher the page rank more it will benefit. Quality links leads to higher search engine rankings.

Although, latest technology is coming every day but few things still remains same follow the google trends. Marketing was essential thousand years back and it has only gained importance with time. Search Engine optimization has now become the most important and significant tool of marketing and it can only benefit business. To grow business, marketing is important and SEO is a key to good and successful marketing.