5 Best Google SEO Tips for 2022 Marketing has always played an influential part in the success of any product or service. As we have discussed before the importance of marketing and in case you have missed that you can read our blog regarding importance of marketing.


SEO has been the primary factor in marketing these days and has curtailed its position as well. When we talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we always tend to categorize it in two major categories that are

  1. On Page Search Engine Optimization
  2. Off Page Search Engine Optimization

We will discuss both of them separately below and will provide best google seo tips 2022,

On Page Search Engine Optimization

Content is King:

For SEO of any website content has always remain king and plays pivotal role in SEO of any website. Recommended tips and techniques for writing a content is the best google seo tips.

  • Use of heading tags that are (H1, H2, H3). With announcement of HTML5 now more than one H1 tags can be used on a single page.
  • Use alter tags for images as it is also considered key for successful search engine optimization
  • Whenever writing a content, make sure that don’t write content for search engines it will only effect negative in rankings. By doing such, content writers rather focusing on main objective of content focus on keyword and therefore lose their way. Keep it simple, write good content that can provide information to the visitors.
  • SEO friendly URL is also one factor that impacts majorly on ranking. A good written URL provides information to search engine regarding page material.

Page Speed & Load Time Best Google SEO Tips

Page speed is also vital for SEO results. An ideal page load speed is 2.00 seconds or under that for any page, though 4.00 seconds or under that is also considered reasonable. Page speed also depends on size of page, it is therefore advice that page size should remain under 1 MB. Major factors by which page speed of any website can be reduced are as follows best google seo tips.

  • Leverage browser caching always effect page speed. That can be achieved by adding expire headers.
  • Reduce number of HTTP requests.
  • Use of minify html, css and javascripts is also essential.
  • Use zip to compress webpages.
  • Remove query string from static resources.
  • Make favicon small and cacheable.
  • Optimize images to load faster.
  • Always make sure that javascripts are added in footer.

Off Page Search Engine Optimization

Social Media:

seo tips 2015With more than billions of users using different social media platforms, social media undoubtedly has become the major factor in off page SEO. Interesting Facebook shares, knowledgeable tweets can generate solid traffic on website. There are many social media platforms that can be used for off page best google SEO Tips some of them are provided below,

  • Facebook (More than billions of users currently sign up at Facebook it is currently rates as best social media to enhance and give boost to business).
  • Twitter (Currently second best and constantly challenging Facebook for its position, twitter can create serious traffic on nay website).
  • Google Plus (Google plus is also one of the major social media and can be use to generate loads of traffic).
  • Pinterest (Pinning has always been interesting, it is currently best off page SEO tool. It only generates traffic but links are also rated highly by google).
  • Reddit (Reddit has great features as it always remains check on its users, so spamming is certainly not on cards with reddit, therefore links posted at reddit are rated highly by search engines).

Social Bookmarking:

As always said old is gold and is remained as well. Bookmarking is an old way of doing off page SEO. Many sites offers bookmarking some of them are listed below,

  • Google Bookmarking
  • Delicious
  • Bionomy
  • Digg
  • Stumble upon

We hope that above methods will gain you knowledge and will found them interesting though there are also many white hat seo techniques and tips for better results in your search engine ranking you can anytime contact our Best Google SEO Tips for improvement of your search rankings in any search engine.