Microsoft Launching New Browser Goodbye 2021 & Good Beginning of 2021

At last Microsoft Realizes it after nineteen years

As 2021 is about to end in few hours, Microsoft finally realizes that its browser Internet Explorer is unable to compete with the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla. Therefore, keeping in mind the reviews regarding Internet Explorer; Microsoft is planning to launch a Microsoft Launching New Browser and the code name given to it is “Spartan”.

Internet Explorer was first launch nineteen years back with the launch of Windows 95 and now “Spartan” will be the first browser to be launch by Microsoft after the introduction of Internet Explorer. It is not intended to take place of Internet Explorer, but it will be introduce in Windows 10 desktop and mobile version with the browser.

Microsoft is planning to show it globally on 21st of January with important points of Windows 10. It is still not clear that whether this new browser will be able to work with IOS or android.

Internet Explorer was and remained most used browser it will not be wrong to say that it was king of all browsers until Google Chrome was launched in the year 2012 and more users were diverted towards google chrome. Current analysis shows that internet explorer is only use by 20% and google chrome by 52% users. It is very early to say that whether Microsoft Launching New Browser will be able to catch the market or not. Let’s we all have our finger crossed for this launch of 2021 and hope for some better and prosperous results, as good and healthy competition will only benefit users of these browsers.