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What is MERN stack Development?

MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node. These 4 technologies make the MERN stack development. 1) MongoDB: Document database 2) Express(js): Node,js framework 3) React: A client-side JavaScript framework 4) Node js: The premier JavaScript framework Express and node make up the mobile applications. Express is a server-side framework and node js is the most famous and powerful JavaScript server platform. Regardless of what languages you choose, the MERN stack is the best choice to work with JavaScript and [...]

Reasons Why You Should Invest In App Development

As we already know mobile is the future. Most of the businesses are now investing a significant amount of money in mobile app development by hiring app developers or an app development company. Now you must be wondering why it is so? Creating an app for the business is one of the biggest things all entrepreneurs do to grow their business venture rapidly. Everyone is trying to create an entity for their start-up or business so that they can interact [...]

Google launches Web Starter Kit

Google launches Web Starter Kit Few days left for google I/O Conference to be held in San Francisco and to big surprise for technology freaks Google announce a big thunderbolt. Google announced that it’s launching a new tool kit called Web Starter Kit, a smart tool for all professional web designers & developers working in Web Design Company. Many experts starting to believe that it can be a game changer. An idea behind launching of new web starter kit just [...]

Microsoft Launching New Browser

Microsoft Launching New Browser Goodbye 2021 & Good Beginning of 2021 At last Microsoft Realizes it after nineteen years As 2021 is about to end in few hours, Microsoft finally realizes that its browser Internet Explorer is unable to compete with the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla. Therefore, keeping in mind the reviews regarding Internet Explorer; Microsoft is planning to launch a Microsoft Launching New Browser and the code name given to it is “Spartan”. Internet Explorer was first [...]

First China Now Facebook !!!

Infographic of India without Kashmir was posted by China state Television before, now same was done by Facebook boss, though he takes it down later CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg posted an infographic of India which didn’t show Jammu & Kashmir as part of India. Frustrated Indians lashes out over social media in disgrace and after that Facebook boss took down post. It happened when CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg was announcing initiative at Malawi posted controversial infographic. Infographic [...]

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